Just A Simple Truth

Just a simple truth

Just A Simple Truth - Parenting - 2023

Just a simple truth

Originally posted 2021-01-06 17:14:39.


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  1. I dont even have the kid out yet (soon though!) And im already getting irritated at my dog for constantly whining :/ he has separation anxiety i think and now that im home but my husband is at work still he’ll just sit in front of me whining until I either pet him or let him out.

  2. This just reinforces my urge to not have a dog until my kids are at least 2-3. I haven’t yet started to TTC, so this is all just theoretical.

    In the last couple years, I went from loving cats and dogs, to being fine with never having another house pet.

  3. To everyone here complaining about dogs barking at everything, are you aware that you can teach your dog not to do that? As well as not to walk into baby’s room or pretty much anything about making sounds/walking and being where dog shouldn’t. Dogs are smart but they need to be trained. Instead of hating and resenting, take some time and train your dog. It’s simply your fault if barking wakes up baby because you didn’t put time and effort into teaching your dog. And honestly no dog deserve such an attitude. Once again, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.

  4. My dog was my absolute best bud, could do no wrong, was my biggest cuddle bug… I couldn’t wait for my son to be born so they could be best friends!! But good lord I had no idea how annoyed I would be after my son was born! I relate to this so much! It took a couple months for the love to come back to my pup. Sorry ol pal 😬

  5. My dogs nails are SO loud on the floor, despite biweekly trims. It’s like she tiptoes on her nails. I have to put blankets on the floor in the hall so she doesn’t wake the kids. God forbid you ask if she wants to pee, she practically tap dances with excitement. Anyone want her?

  6. So happy I’m not the only one!! I feel so bad all the time but my dog is so annoying to me now. By some miracle, the baby was never bothered by the barking. I think he got used to it in the womb. But man, our dog is a rottie and just the biggest oaf in the world. He moves his body to make a wall between me and anything or anyone else and I’m just like GET OUT OF MY FACE FOR ONCE AHHHH Meanwhile, my husband is like “dude, pet the damn dog.”

  7. I don’t mind the baby crying as much because he saves it for when he wants food, water, cuddles, etc., but when the dogs bark? It’s a bird on the other end of the backyard or other stupid dogs. Cool. Coolcoolcool.

  8. I was surprised by how meh about the dog I became after baby arrived. Especially after our dog developed epilepsy right when baby was 4 months old, which resulted in pooping and peeing inside the house between the hours of 3 and 6am. Just when baby was starting to sleep through, our dog would seize in the early morning 😴.

    I still love my dog and her seizures are under control now she’s on (very expensive) medication but man sometimes I think we can’t have a 2nd baby because the dog needs our attention too.

  9. Hah !

    My wife thinks I’m nuts because i can sit on the couch while holding my 3 month old as she’s screaming in my ear and have it hardly bother me while my pup can stare out the window, let out a single whimper and I’ll shout “AHH SHUTCHYOUR MOUTH !!” at her.

    My dog basically looks back at me and tells me to fuck off with her eyes.

    I love my dog so much and she loves me harder so it’s fine. 😀

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