It’s just been us since you made me a mama.My other half, my sweetest little friend.Come here my baby, and be my only, for just one moment more

It’s Just Been Us Since You Made Me A Other Half, My Sweetest Little Friend.come Here My Baby, And Be My Only, For Just One Moment More - Pregnancy - 2022

It’s just been us since you made me a mama.
My other half, my sweetest little friend.
Come here my baby, and be my only, for just one moment more.

This expanding will build us. Make us fuller I know.

But when I see you again, you won’t feel as little.

So just lay with me, let me rock you slow.
Let me thank you my baby, for being the best teacher a mama could know.

Via @hellobabybrown on Instagram

Originally posted 2021-01-12 21:40:03.

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Written by Claire

Claire is our Community Manager here at New Moms Forum. A mom of two (almost grown-up babies), Claire has been building and operating community-based websites for almost 20 years. In her downtime, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and drinking copious amounts of red wine!

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