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It’s amazing how your baby grows inside of you for nine months

It’s Amazing How Your Baby Grows Inside Of You For Nine Months - Pregnancy - 2022

It’s amazing how your baby grows inside of you for nine months. 😍 No wonder why they call it a miracle!

How far along are you and what has surprised you most about pregnancy so far?

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Originally posted 2021-02-02 22:32:50.


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  1. 36 weeks tomorrow 💖 I can’t believe how uncomfortable this last month is..Idk why I doubted ALL the mother’s who says it was the worse 😂

  2. 21 weeks and I can’t believe the insomnia I’ve been experiencing! Lol Before I got pregnant, a 10pm bedtime was considered late!

  3. I’m 30 weeks pregnant (7 1/2 months) & still look as if I’m 5months lol I have a really small belly 💝 I asked my doctor if pregnancies were 9 months (36 weeks) I was surprised to learn that it is actually 10months (40 weeks) that a pregnancy lasts.

  4. I’m 19 weeks almost 20 weeks and I’m shocked on how much this baby moves and how much you can see and feel on the outside😱

  5. 27 weeks… My hands are all Stiff and puffy after my 30 min walks. And surprised on how quickly i quit smoking and how easy it was!

  6. I’m 9 weeks and I’m most surprised at how nauseous I am, how huge my breasts are And also how small my tummy still is🙈lol but I’m loving being pregnant💃

  7. 26 weeks with twin boys. Twins do not run in my family and I’ve naturally conceived them – that was my biggest surprise!! 👶🏽👶🏽

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