Is your baby a cat napper or a deep day sleeper?

Is Your Baby A Cat Napper Or A Deep Day Sleeper? - Pregnancy - 2021

Is your baby a cat napper or a deep day sleeper? Either way, getting him into a regular nap routine will help him stay happy and healthy.

No two babies are exactly alike, and the same is true of babies’ sleep schedules. How long your little one naps and how often is just one more aspect of your baby’s individuality. That said, establishing a dependable daytime sleep routine not only makes for a less cranky baby, it can mean that everyone in the house sleeps better at night, too.

Your baby’s nap times and schedules will change almost as much as he does during the first year. Your newborn may sleep up to 20 hours, much of it during the day, especially during the first few weeks. But don’t get used to that! As your baby hits his 3 month milestone, he may be napping for a few hours at a time, several times a day, then cutting back to one or two hours as he gets closer to first birthday.

Naps help counteract sleep debt at night and support his overall health and development. So while adults can skip their naps, daytime dozing isn’t optional for baby. @pregnancy.advice

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  1. My 5 week old naps during the day but only if my husband or I are with her. She wakes up if we try to put her down. She sleeps very well at night though- only wakes up at 2:30 for a diaper change and to nurse and then not again until 6:30. Hopefully that’s fine.

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