Intense Prenatal Dumbbell Workout I 2Nd And 3Rd Trimester - Prenatal Workouts Videos - 2024

INTENSE Prenatal Dumbbell Workout I 2nd and 3rd Trimester

Challenging prenatal workout for women who enjoy intense workouts and want to be smart and safe about it during their pregnancy! At home full body dumbbell workout to target your entire body. Safe for 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


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  1. Just started using your videos and I've enjoyed the ones I've tried so far! 16 weeks +4 days and hoping to integrate your plan into my weekly running schedule. Thank you! πŸ™‚ (Also love that your boys are running around. I have 3 boys and they love to join me in my workouts!)

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