Increase Milk Supply Fast - Postpartum Workouts Videos - 2023

Increase Milk Supply Fast

How to increase your milk supply naturally while exercising and losing weight. Breastfeeding tips so you can confidently boost your supply!


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  1. Hello, Im struggling with breast milk and each time I only get 40ml combined from both breasts and that's from pumping. Since I don't have much, Ill feed my son with formula so whenever I have one feed stored, usually it's now 100ml, then I feed him from bottle. My son is one month old. I don't know what to do to increase milk supply as he cries a lot since I don't have enough. I try to drink lots of water as well as taking fenugreek water as well, also eat oatmeal. Still struggling… 😭😭😭

  2. When do you end up using your stash – or do you just donate it all before it expires? I BF full-time, and I only pump for relief. I always have a hard time using up our stash since baby only gets left maybe once a month.

  3. Great video! question: my daughter is 5 weeks old will be 6 weeks Sunday. She is still waking about every 1 hour 45 minutes at night to feed. I feel confident I have a good milk supply because I can hear her gulping and I occasionally use the Haaka on the other breast and collect between 1-3 oz during a feed. I watched your most recent video and saw that your daughter is almost sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. Any tips?!

  4. I drank tons of "Healthy nursing tea". I also ate a lot of oatmeal and increased my water intake. I was able to breastfeed my daughter, only supplementing 1.5 oz at night. I was diagnosed with IGT after my first son, so it’s an uphill battle for me to breastfeed but I managed it with these things!

  5. Ashley, this is so incredibly helpful! I am expecting baby #2 in April and found that something I struggled with for the first baby was getting him enough food. Once he finally weened, I still wish I was able to give him my milk because of all the good things it has <3 I am so much more confidant going into this next baby and hope that I'll be able to establish good healthy habits like you suggested and to store a bit of milk up on the side! Thanks again for doing this!!

  6. Do do have specific recommendations for an electric pump?
    I have "sporty boobs" and think that pumping/creating a surplus is the only way I'll produce enough!
    Thank you for your time and videos. Congratulations on your beautiful family ❤️

  7. So this is my question !! Where are those boys when your pumping and what are they doing? What time are you usually Waking up to start your day ? Because, the only reason i haven’t started pumping with this baby is because my toddler is waking at the same time as them and I feel like i don’t have enough time!! Please help 🙂

  8. When you say you don't ever wake her up to feed her, do you mean even during the day? Or just at night? I am hoping baby no3 is gonna be a good sleeper cause my 2nd BF every hour to 1 1/2 all night (and about every 2-3 hours during the day, and I even tried keeping her awake most the day, talking during feeds, lights on, during day and opposite during night and nothing worked so I'll take any advice! Lol)

  9. All great advice! I was able to create a (manageable) oversupply early on. I started pumping in the hospital because my baby was a preemie/in the NICU, but as he started nursing I continued to pump after 4 of our 8 feeds each day. By 6 weeks, that was over 500oz in the freezer! I slowly tapered off so I was down to 1-2 extra pumps a day by 6 weeks.

    I’ll also add: if you are trying to add a pump to your day, don’t be discouraged if you barely get a few drops at first. It took my body about a week to recognize what I was doing and create more milk. If you stick with it a few days, you’ll start seeing a few ounces!

  10. I've not had the easiest breastfeeding experience but 8 weeks later we're still at it. a game changer for me really has been drinking water, it makes so much sense that you need more. definitely going to make myself that foam roller thing cause my calves have resulted in me not running anymore.

  11. Love your videos! I had my first baby 12/5/18 and have followed your prenatal fitness routines and the diastasis recti video. I’m returning to work in a few weeks and have been concerned about pumping enough for my daughter while I’m away. I look forward to the nursing smoothie video because I’m trying everything I can to ensure she’s has all she needs and I don’t have to resort to using formula.

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