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I wonder if my social security number was on anything?

I Wonder If My Social Security Number Was On Anything? - Parenting - 2022

I wonder if my social security number was on anything? 😬

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Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:04:54.

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  1. There is no exact word to say overwhelmed in French. Sometimes, I just don’t know what word to use. It is such a perfect description of my feeling when I look at all I have to do, all that si coming in the next days, next months, next 30 years

  2. I throw it in the green bin at the beginning of the week, green bin goes out of the garage at the end of the week..if someone’s going to rummage through a mix of food scraps dog/cat poop (we are allowed to put those in it here) to find an letter drenched in compost juices, have at it🤣

  3. I keep a recycling bag and a burn bag — I put the sensitive stuff (bills, bank statements, etc) in the burn bag and then throw a few pieces in whenever we have a fire pit going in the yard. Then I KNOW nobody will get to it.

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