I was in labor for 47 hours so give me a break But in all seriousness it was worth every hour for my sweet girl! …

I was in labor for 47 hours so give me a break😣 But in all seriousness it was worth every hour for my sweet girl!

🎥 @theemataylor


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  1. Yessss!!! Why do we have to make everything glamorous?! I’ve seen woman do their make up as a distraction during labor, which I think is bad ass; but this angelic “I woke up like this” BS has got to go

  2. For 47 hours of labor, is that intense contractions for 47 hours? How far apart are they for all that time? How long did you push? Both my labors were 9 hours one with 15 minutes of pushing and one with 2 hours of pushing (which suuuucked), I can’t fathom 47 hours.

  3. 😂 I remember someone saying you should do your hair and be ready for your postpartum photos. I was like hmm your right let me get the blue cap…thanks now my hair is done 😂

  4. I showered and blow dried my hair at home before heading to the hospital, so I felt nice and clean, but I was not worried about makeup or styling my hair. I had planned to do my hair and makeup to distract myself while I labored at home, but my water broke, so I barely had enough time to shower and dry my hair.

  5. The first pictures are so fake. What do you have yo prove? I mean being in labor is about you and your baby, so connected together and going trough so much effort and work to be together earth side. It is NOT about make-up or looking pretty….
    Stop all the fake images about labor and start women to feel the raw and pure meaning of labor!!!!!!!

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