I Needed This Reminder Today

i needed this reminder today

I Needed This Reminder Today - Parenting - 2024

i needed this reminder today

Originally posted 2020-12-24 03:45:20.


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  1. after my boyfriend sent me this text i realized that i always avoid eye contact with my baby when he wakes up randomly from his nap. i never tried to meet his gaze and see what would happen, i always just assumed he would cry for me to pick him up even if he didn’t need anything. well i tried meeting his gaze and guess what guys… we stared at each other for 5 minutes straight, he gave me the BIGGEST smile i’ve ever seen, and he went right back to sleep😭😭😭 i actually truly started crying when he smiled back at me, it really felt like him saying “i love you momma, nighty night”. he’s only 6 weeks old but i think that when he opens his eyes and stares at me during a nap he might be checking to make sure i’m still there with him. that big ol smile just made my entire day and now i’m gonna make sure that if he wakes up randomly that i meet his gaze so he knows i’m right here with him. god the littlest things like a single smile make this whole motherhood gig so so worth it💗

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