I Love This Photo! For Women That Plan To Birth In A Hospital, A Lot Of The Hard Work Leading Up To Coming To Hospital Is Done At Home With The Suppor...

I LOVE this photo!

I Love This Photo! - Pregnancy - 2024

I LOVE this photo! For women that plan to birth in a hospital, a lot of the hard work leading up to coming to hospital is done at home with the support of their birth partner. Early labour (before 4cm dilated) is HARD work. It’s long, relentless and tiresome. Your cervix needs to shorten before it can start to open. The BEST place for early labour is at home, where you’re comfortable and feel safe. Try your best to ignore it. Walk, shower, bath, cook, eat, watch a movie- anything distracting for as long as you can before you give into those strong surges that will bring your babe into the world 💪🏼🌷


Originally posted 2021-01-11 20:28:02.


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  1. Yes! This is great advice, love this pic and post. You actually put yourself more at risk of unnecessary interventions when you come in to the hospital while in early labour.

  2. I wasn’t at home for my labour, I was in the hospital, without my husband because of the Covid… He came just for giving birth to our daughter and he returned at home 2 hour after… He didn’t have the chance to get the “skin to skin” with her 😭

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