I Got Game.

I got game.

I Got Game. - Parenting - 2024

I got game.

Originally posted 2020-12-29 12:29:23.


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  1. Making friends as an adult is hard. After moving to a new town, I actually tried to use the line, “I see you’re buying cheese too.” As an attempt to start a conversation in the grocery store. I’ve never seen someone scamper away so fast!

  2. I am naturally introverted, but I also don’t make friends easily, so I identify with this 1000%. Plus dh and I were married 16 years before we were able to have kids, so most of the moms with kids my son’s age are a good decade younger than I am.

  3. Seriously this! I just got back from being with my family over the holidays and so fucking lonely here. Also hard cause my remaining friends I have (age and relationships break them off) don’t really have kids or do non kid friendly things

  4. We have a lot of neighbors with kids but haven’t been able to befriend them. One couple in particular keeps waving at us whenever we are out, and we wave and we wanna be friends, but pandemic and don’t wanna go over there. Once this is over we can go back to being social butterflies.

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