I Don’t Know Who Needs To See This, But You’re Not Alone With That Sleep Regression.

I don’t know who needs to see this, but you’re not alone with that sleep regression.

I Don’t Know Who Needs To See This, But You’re Not Alone With That Sleep Regression. - Parenting - 2023

I don’t know who needs to see this, but you’re not alone with that sleep regression.

Originally posted 2020-12-22 10:48:42.


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  1. I will never forget this phase. I rarely cry, even on funerals of love ones, but there’s something about my wife crying due to frustration, lack of sleep and our toddler crying as well that broke me down and me cry as well. This experience right here made us rethink if we wanna have another baby. To husbands lurking here, try your best to support your wife in these crazy phase.

  2. The two year regression is rough. I know how you feel, It went on for almost six months in our house. Plus I was pregnant, so the burn out was brutal. Luckily now that she’s three she’s back to being a solid 8-8 sleeper.

  3. I feel this so hard. My 4 year old still won’t sleep thru the night, and needs hand holding and snuggles. 3 month old sleeps like a champ …. But I know the 4 month sleep regression is coming 😭 God bless the Dock-a-tot…. I think it’s the only reason she’s sleeping so well.

  4. This just hit hard. We’ve been so good and I thought we got through the regression but tonight was a disaster. He screamed for what felt like hours and I blamed myself because I worked from home today so he didn’t get the proper amount of naps. And I just held him and kept promising I won’t leave his side if he just goes to bed.

  5. Our 4 YO been sleeping through the night consistently since ~18 months old. She still has a bad dream occasionally and comes over to our bed then but she is doing great otherwise. So great that I forget how many nights we spent huddled next to her crib/bed just like that in the first 18. She had to be rocked to sleep while pacing up and down the room for a period of about 4 months and she would only let me do it. It was incredibly tiring because it took FOREVER to get her to sleep and progress seemed nonexistent for a while.

  6. Our daughter slept through the night for five days straight which was a new record. Then she got her flu shot booster and it all went to shit for two weeks. Every night we held her hand through the bars. Every…. night…..

  7. Sleep regression is just the worst. Sometimes they need to cry it out, sometimes hugs and kisses and calmly talking them into laying down, sometimes my daughter just needed to know she was safe. Around 1year to 1.5 years they can start having nightmares and can’t tell if they are awake or not.

    It’s tough and sometimes it take laying on the floor. You Rock! Whoever is in this photo.

  8. My husband is on the floor next to our 2 year old right now. She doesn’t have sleep regression (thank goodness!), but suddenly now when we say goodnight and try to leave her room, she screams and cries until she vomits. Unless we stay in the room. And she won’t lie down unless we lie down. Not sure what this is all about, but hopefully it’s just a quick phase!

  9. Bedtime went from as walk in the park to an hour of negotiating, escape artistry, snuggling, singing and trying not to crack my teeth from clenching too hard as he kicks the walls again. And suddenly everything has to be done by mommy. I know it’s a phase, but woof… not a fan!

  10. My LO is 2.5y/o and is going through a sleep regression as well as a phase of separation anxiety. Last night I had to sleep snuggled up to him because for 2 hours he cried making himself sick. He absolutely refuses Dada at bedtime. He keeps falling asleep on the floor when he is able to cry himself to sleep. I also have a 6 month old who seems to finally be coming out of a sleep regression thankfully. I am sooooo tired. It wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t have 2+ hours of charting to complete at night after their bedtime. None of my charting is getting done on time at this point and I’m up until midnight charting as much as I can before I can’t see straight anymore just to get up at 6am and do it all again. And work keeps trying to give me overtime because we are short staffed. I really want to enjoy my kids and my job but I am so burnt out.

  11. This actually made me cry. 20 weeks old and I thought we got over the 4 month sleep regression because we had a “normal” week and now it came back full force and my husband is out of town and it’s just A LOT. This made me feel better that someone else is out there tonight doing and feeling the exact same as me

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