Husband Baby Responsibility Vs Wife
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Husbands Baby Responsibility Vs Wife


Husband Baby Responsibility Vs Wife

How many of you relate to this? Does your ‘other half’ share the load when it comes to parenting or is their job considered done?

We may be opening a can of worms with this topic but let’s have your thoughts in our comments below. 😊

Originally posted 2021-02-17 12:04:36.


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  1. I thought I am the only one thinking so😀 though neither completely true in my case, nor equally shared too.. postpartum is so stressed and overloaded coz mom ONLY has to do few things.. because women can do better😑😑😑😔😔

  2. this is damnnnn true in my case, my husband stays separate as he feels conjusted all 3 in 1 bed itseems , hardly he plays with her n gives time for us

  3. Disagree! My husband made me meals all 9 months and till now our baby is 10 weeks am getting breakfast ready in the morning! He is getting up to feed our baby .. he cooks and he was awake all 9 months and was there in my all sleepless nights. After delivery he used to take me to washroom , he help me with my labour lifting my leg and calming me.. he is helping me breastfeed .. he help me with my first bath after delivery! Like a mother he took care of me..

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