How To Know if Diastasis Recti is HEALED

Diastasis Recti will cause a tummy pooch no matter how much weight you lose. It is more than just the width of your ab gap. Have confidence in understanding HOW TO KNOW when your Diastasis Recti is healed.

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  1. Hello there Ashley, I am on the second to last week of your 12 week postpartum plan ❤️ I really love it and see some awesome results. At birth I weighed 218 pounds I am 5’6 and I now weigh 183 pounds my goal weight is 150Ibs. I noticed since the last month on the plan I stayed the same Weight 183 this whole time. Do you recommend me getting the lean fast strong plan next? Or your 10 minute plan. As I am really trying hard to loose the weight I just can’t get below 180 for some reason. God bless you! Looking forward to hear your reply.

  2. Thank you for this reminder! Your 12 week Post Pregnancy Plan changed my life! My journey with GlowBodyPT began with a google search for a DR friendly workout. I was struggling to return to my pre-baby fitness due to hip pain. At 18-months ppt with my 3rd, my gap was only 2 fingers wide, but I didn't have the tension or strength to even complete your 8-minute DR friendly ab routine. I'm forever grateful that you recommend your 12 week plan during that routine…I decided to do it and it worked! I closed my gap to 1 finger width and regained tension in my abs! More importantly, my hip pain subsided and I regained confidence in my fitness abilities! At six weeks ppt my midwife had told me that my abs would never be the same…a week later, my pelvic floor physical therapist had told me that I may not be able to close my gap. I am forever grateful that your message was just the opposite. Your positivity and inspiration have been a blessing!

  3. Any Mommas that are here because they are looking to get back in shape or incorporate more exercise into their routine, and don’t have a lot of time to commit because you’d rather spend it with your precious babies and partner, but you want to see results you can be proud of….I can’t advocate enough for Ashley’s postpartum exercise program and how life changing it is. And what I loved most was how easy it was to make the small changes she suggested in my diet (also in the program) to complement the workouts. Pre-pregnancy i was in the best shape of my life, and i truly feel Ashley helped me get back to that—and I started her program almost 18 mos postpartum. Best $100 i ever spent!! It’s never too late!

  4. Great educational video! I am at the tail end of my second pregnancy (Due 7 Dec). As a military service member and fitness coach, I am always looking for the safest and most effective turn around time postpartum. I have learned that I am showing significant separation of DR and this advanced research will serve me well (hopefully)! Excited to join you and the 1000s of other mamas that have found success in your programs! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Okay, this is so interesting. For months I have thought that my diastasis recti is healed because I have less than a 1-finger gap. I seem to be good on tension too. However, I've had stress incontinence ever since the birth of my son last year and while pelvic floor physical therapy has helped, I definitely wouldn't be able to jump on a trampoline without leaking. The two physical therapists I've been to have both checked me for diastasis recti and have said that I no longer have it, so I have just been assuming that this is a pelvic floor problem unrelated to my abdomen. I would love to know your thoughts. Could this be a diastasis recti issue? I definitely have been doing workouts that aren't necessarily diastasis recti safe since I thought I was good to go in that arena…

  6. The diagrams of coning from 5:15 on were very helpful. My abdominals definitely stick out when they are fully engaged (like in a plank), but I have no DR and I dont have that point. Now I'm confident that what my muscles are doing is normal. Yay! Thank you for another great video, GlowBody PT!

  7. Baby #6 and Im proud to say I finished the 12 week program! I have neglected my health for years and I have had ab gap previously. After baby number 6 was born I finally purchased the program and restarted it three times before committing. I would press my screen every thirty seconds wishing for the workouts to be over already. I resisted change so badly but stuck with it to the end. SO worth it! At a routine check up, the young doctor said she wants to check if I have an ab gap and her shock was so obvious 😂 Her mouth dropped open and she said Wow! I think she was expecting road kill abs or something but she was in for a glowbody surprise! Thanks Ashley!

  8. Wow ash, this is a phenomenally helpful video. Thank you for this! Your 12 week postpartum plan which I have done twice has not only made me more confident but also, just mentally stronger and it’s so fun to relate with other moms! Would highly recommend! I’m seriously in better shape now than pre babies! Which is amazing! Love your plans. 🤍

  9. After I seen the before and after photos I will now join your workout plan to heal my D.R I am at 5 fingers apart and i know it's because Im short 4'9 and after having both my kids I have been trying to work on it but it's not easy. I couldn't find a workout plan for a while and im so glad you have one. Hope this works for me I want my body back lol

  10. Awesome video. Just finished your 12 week post pregnancy plan(and my graduation pics look amazing!) and getting ready to start the 10 minute plan. This was super helpful… I think I'm healed and ready to go. Your plans have been life changing! They are so effective, while also being time efficient and straight forward. Thank you so much for all your content.

  11. Great video. Would love to see more content or work out videos on that connection between a pelvic floor and transverse abdominal’s. I made it to week 10 of your 12 week post natal program and I had such a hard time keeping up with any exercise dealing with Keagle’s. My physiotherapist told me to slow down with the workouts and stop using weights, that’s why I had to stop at 10 weeks, or rather push pause for now. But a workout video that moves more slowly through Keagle exercises would be great, Especially for those of us who had excessive pelvic floor damage and no dysfunction.

  12. Great information! I never knew about diastasis recti until I had my 5th baby. I have done Ashley's postnatal plan twice now (after babies #5 and #6), and both times it helped get my ab gap down to a 1 1/2 finger width. It also helped strengthen my muscles so I felt capable of meeting all the hard day-to-day physical challenges of raising six children. I can't recommend the PPP plan enough!

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