If Your Toddler Is Pitching Fits, That’s Completely Normal. And While You Can’t Eliminate Tantrums, There Are Several Ways To Avoid Them. ⁣
Right Now, I’m Sure Fewer Tantrums Would Be Greatly Apprec...
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How To Avoid Toddler Tantrums

How To Avoid Toddler Tantrums - Parenting - 2023

If your toddler is pitching fits, that’s completely normal. And while you can’t eliminate tantrums, there are several ways to avoid them. ⁣

Right now, I’m sure fewer tantrums would be greatly appreciated as life is complicated and intense. Fewer tantrums would mean more time to enjoy your toddler and less time feeling angry and guilty.⁣

🗼Structure and routine are important for toddlers. When life is predictable, your toddler feels safe and secure, and that means fewer tantrums. ⁣

💤 Do you ever lose it when you’re tired? Getting enough sleep is important for kids and parents. Making sleep a priority makes day-to-day life a whole lot easier.⁣

🤪 Toddlers are wired to test limits. They want to do ‘it’ themselves, and they want you to do ‘it’ for them. In these moments, your toddler needs you to be in charge. Little choices give your child a sense of control he needs while sidestepping power struggles. But choices need to be age-appropriate and limited to ‘this’ or ‘that’—-like, “Do you want to read Good Night Moon or The Caterpillar before naptime?” ⁣

The next two strategies are based on getting comfortable with your child’s emotions. Although your heart is in the right place and you rely on common sense, that doesn’t necessarily translate into effective parenting strategies. ⁣

👀 First, try and see things from your child’s perspective. This will help you avoid responding to your toddlers with knee-jerk reactions. ‘Oh, so you’re exhausted and hungry, and you don’t like what I made for lunch. That must be frustrating.’ Responding to your toddler with compassion will allow you to avoid tug of wars and tantrums. I’m not suggesting you offer something different for lunch, but rather- your toddler will feel less frustrated when the most important person in his life understands him.⁣

💪 Lastly, learning how to respond to a toddler’s strong emotions can avoid many, many tantrums. The first step is learning how to accept your child’s strong feelings without denying them. Notice your gut reaction the next time your child pitches a fit. ⁣

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  2. So good! This is true. and also, when you take into consideration the environment they are in…is it stressful? what are they absorbing? are they in daycare for long hours? how is the atmosphere at home? It’s all connected <3

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