Our Bodies Do An Amazing Job Of Actually Making Extra Blood While We Are Pregnan...
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How much blood do you loose when you deliver your baby?

How Much Blood Do You Loose When You Deliver Your Baby? - Pregnancy - 2024

Our bodies do an amazing job of actually MAKING EXTRA blood while we are pregnant, in anticipation of the blood loss experienced during delivery.

According to @mommy.labornurse on Instagram, this can be anywhere from an extra 20-50% blood volume! 😳 (It depends on the size of the woman if she’s carrying multiple babies, her health history etc)⁣

The numbers in the image above reflect how much health professionals want you to stay under, depending on your delivery method⁣

So, if you deliver vaginally, they will want you to lose no more than 500ml (any more than that will be considered a postpartum hemorrhage)⁣

The same goes for a C-Section, no more than 1000ml or you go into that postpartum hemorrhage category⁣

Also, since it is anticipated that you may lose more blood during a C-section, you will routinely be given lots of extra fluid through your IV before you go back!⁣

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  1. Real average for a vaginal birth is 300 ml, 800 ml for c-section. I’m a postpartum nurse and regularly see these numbers.

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