How Many Times Have You Heard The Phrase, Bounce Back?

It'S A Popular Saying When It Comes To Getting Back To The Way Things Were. But For Life After Baby, It Really Doesn'T Make Sense. 

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How many times have you heard the phrase, BOUNCE BACK?

How Many Times Have You Heard The Phrase, Bounce Back? - Postpartum - 2023

How many times have you heard the phrase, BOUNCE BACK🖐?

It’s a popular saying when it comes to getting back to the way things were. But for life after baby, it really doesn’t make sense. 🧐

🤰Birthing a baby brings on significant changes, physically and mentally. Those changes are part of what makes bringing our children into the world possible. Our bodies may experience negative changes or trauma from scarring, tearing or hemorrhaging, while our mental state may struggle with hormonal ups and downs.

But with the bad comes the good.🤩 Our bodies were able to create, nurture and give birth life, while our brains saw psychological and structural changes that allowed us to adapt, connect and care for this new life.

💫 So bouncing back would imply going back to a “better time”. When moving forward, better expresses the truth: learning to love and accept our new self, while working to care for, heal and admire all we’ve survived.

💕 If you’re wondering when you’ll feel like yourself again after birth, know what kinds of change to expect and how to prepare for this postpartum period, so you can move forward through motherhood!💕

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  1. I “bounced back” pretty fast, as in I lost the weight in a few weeks, didn’t have any hormonal imbalances, no PPD, no pain, nothing. But I never went back. It’s over 5 years later and I have never felt like my old self again. I have this kiddo in my thoughts all the time, I don’t take decisions for one anymore, I think about the example I’m setting before doing anything reckless, I don’t sleep soundly at night, I don’t lose myself in my job. Long story short, I’m not that girl anymore, I’m his mother, I’m a new person that didn’t exist until he came along.

  2. I was like this with my first pregnancy but now with my 7 week old I’m just enjoying seeing how my body changes and knowing that it took over a year to feel stronger and sexier than I ever was so don’t give up mamas we got this! Just be patient 😊💕

  3. My partner has been fantastic adopting to motherhood she is almost back to her original weight which I’m very proud for her, but I would be except her and love her even if she wasn’t. The biggest thing I feel that she struggles with is finding herself. I try my best to let that happen. I believe she is still the same woman I feel in love with she’s just added a new piece “mother”. I’m amazed at her strength she’s a “bas ass mother fucker” her words. She created life. No man can do that. Weather you still have the extra weight or not you are a bad ass mother fucker.

  4. I love this ❤️ moving forward really is the right term for it. I know I will never be the me I was before my beautiful baby arrived but I’m okay with that. I’m a new me and a better one now that I’m a mammy. Thank you for this 😊

  5. Everyone said I would bounce back to my original weight because I was so young but here I am two years later and still 40 pounds fatter than I want to be and it SUCKS.

  6. Love this cause i did actually felt kind of empty after i give birth, it takes a while! My baby is 5 months and im starting to fell my self again! 😍

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