How Many Pregnancy Tests Are Too Many

How many pregnancy tests are too many?

How Many Pregnancy Tests Are Too Many? - Conception - 2024
When You Do Ivf, It Transpires That The Final Injection You Take Can Actually Give You A False Positive
Pregnancy Test - Ivf
Hanna Did 18 Tests In Total Before Being Blessed With A Little Boy In August 2020

How many pregnancy tests are too many? 😬 Hanna Watson (@watsonhanna) posted these images on Instagram after trying to get pregnant for more than 3 years without getting a positive test and spending just over 10,000 dollars on her one chance with IVF.

When negative tests for years is the only thing you know its hard to wrap your head around that second line. Some women might be happy with one test. She took 18!

Plus when you do IVF, it transpires that the final injection you take can actually give you a false positive, so you have to test multiple days in a row to make sure it gets darker. Then you know it’s not from the injection. Such a mind game it’s unbelievable!

Thankfully, after all this testing, the IVF was successful with Hanna giving birth to her beautiful little boy in August 2020!

What a journey but for those in a similar boat, know that you can do this!

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  1. This is where I am right now. So far I’ve taken 4 tests. All have come out negative. My partner and I lost a baby last year (ectopic). I was 12 weeks. Strangely enough, we had decided to take a test 2 months prior. That test had come out negative. It was only when I had gone to hospital, due to abdominal pains that were so severe that we found out.. I have a feeling that I might be pregnant again, but like I said, all tests have come out negative.

  2. I did 8 all in the one day as I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’d been trying for 10+ years and finally after a failed round of IVF in Jan19 we stopped trying and all of a sudden I somehow managed to conceive a miracle in September last year!

  3. I took like 14. I after the 8th, I believed I was pregnant, and I just couldn’t stop. I became obsessed with seeing that positive!

  4. Plz pray for me too, trying since 6 yrs . Had a lot of treatment and 2 iui’s but both fails.. plz plz pray for me 🙏🙏

  5. Anyone take test and you do wanna be pregnant and dont wanna be pregnant at the same time and you take the test to check and your NEGATIVE… and then your just sad and disappointed… that’s been me for the past 3 years and I’ve never used protection… MY UTERUS IS HOSTLE🙄

  6. When I called my OB with my second daughter they actually said they wouldn’t book an appointment till I had taken like 3 and spread them out by like 4-5days. It freaked me out so bad I think I took one everyday for 3 weeks!

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