How Long Should Babies Stay Awake Between Naps? 
0 – 11 Weeks: Naps Are All Over The Map At This Age, So Don’t Fret About Short And Erratic Naps...

How long should babies stay awake between naps?

How Long Should Babies Stay Awake Between Naps? - Pregnancy - 2023

How long should babies stay awake between naps?

0 – 11 Weeks: Naps are all over the map at this age, so don’t fret about short and erratic naps in this newborn stage. Instead, focus on daily feeding and sleep routines and use those to shape your day.

3-4 Months: Watch for the 4 month sleep regression right around this time; it will throw off even the best napper!

5-6 Months: Short naps are normal in the first 5-6 months of your baby’s life, but starting around 6 months, your baby’s nap sleep should start to consolidate into more predictable, regular naps.

7-8 Months: Another sleep regression strikes at around 8 or 9 months, and a nap transition sometimes happens around this same time – from 3 naps to 2.

9-12 Months By this point, your baby should be napping pretty predictably. See our sample nap and feeding schedules for help building a more consistent nap schedule, if you’re still struggling with erratic naps.

13-17 Months: Resist the impulse to transition to 1 nap when your baby turns 12 months old. Most babies don’t make the transition to 1 nap until closer to 15-18 months, so hang on to that second nap as best you can for this stage.

18 Months-3 Years: Watch your toddler’s awake time between the end of the afternoon nap and bedtime – as your toddler grows, he’ll need longer and longer afternoon wake time, which means you’ll need to time the nap carefully to be sure it doesn’t push bedtime too late. Additionally, some children will drop the afternoon nap entirely before age 3.

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