Have You Done Any Self-Reflection About This? ⁠⠀
Whether Our Memories Are Good, Bad, Or Indifferent, It’s Important To Pay Attention. These Experi...

How has your early life influenced your motherhood experience?

How Has Your Early Life Influenced Your Motherhood Experience? - Pregnancy - 2023

Have you done any self-reflection about this? ⬆️⁠⠀
Whether our memories are good, bad, or indifferent, it’s important to pay attention. These experiences can influence how we care for ourselves, relate to others, parent, and much more.⁠⠀
How has your early life influenced your motherhood experience?⁠⠀ @psychedmommy

Originally posted 2021-03-03 06:45:46.


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  1. Heavy on the if we felt safe. It’s like now that I’m a mother I can’t stand to see a child whether I know them or not hurt, sad, anything. It’s just something about a child crying that don’t sit well with me lol. I go into mom protective mode fast😭

  2. All the time, I have always appreciated my mother and dad, and how they raised 4 kids, took care of the household while worked in agricultural fields of California,but now that I have my own I appreciate both their hard work and dedication to our family even more

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