Mama, You Made It To The Last Trimester. Wooo Hooo, You Are Almost There. ⁠
This Trimester Can Be Amazing And Trying All At Once. I'M Sure I'Ve Miss...

How Do You Know You Are In The Third Trimester?

How Do You Know You Are In The Third Trimester? - Pregnancy - 2024

Mama, You made it to the last trimester. Wooo Hooo, you are almost there. ⁠

This trimester can be amazing and trying all at once. I’m sure I’ve missed some symptoms but you all can add them in the comments. ⁠

🔥🔥Also, add an emoji that best describes how you felt during the 3rd trimester🔥🔥⁠

I listed the most common symptoms of the 3rd trimester but do you know the ones that are not common and require immediate attention? ⁠

🚩Severe abdominal pain or cramps⁠

🚩Severe dizziness⁠

🚩 uncontrollable nausea or vomiting⁠

🚩 Bleeding⁠

🚩 Decreased Fetal Movement⁠

🚩 Sudden Swelling

🚩 Headache that doesn’t fog away with treatment⁠

🚩 Pain in upper right side of stomach⁠

Via @labor.nurse.mama ⁠on Instagram ❤

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  1. Idk whats called but i get up from sitting or laying & omg like the bones down there hurt makes me waddle idk if its the lighting crotch i didn’t have it w my first 👀

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