How Do You Know You Are In The Third Trimester?

How Do You Know You Are In The Third Trimester? - Pregnancy - 2022

Mama, You made it to the last trimester. Wooo Hooo, you are almost there. ⁠

This trimester can be amazing and trying all at once. I’m sure I’ve missed some symptoms but you all can add them in the comments. ⁠

🔥🔥Also, add an emoji that best describes how you felt during the 3rd trimester🔥🔥⁠

I listed the most common symptoms of the 3rd trimester but do you know the ones that are not common and require immediate attention? ⁠

🚩Severe abdominal pain or cramps⁠

🚩Severe dizziness⁠

🚩 uncontrollable nausea or vomiting⁠

🚩 Bleeding⁠

🚩 Decreased Fetal Movement⁠

🚩 Sudden Swelling

🚩 Headache that doesn’t fog away with treatment⁠

🚩 Pain in upper right side of stomach⁠

Via @labor.nurse.mama ⁠on Instagram ❤

Originally posted 2021-03-03 06:56:01.

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  1. Idk whats called but i get up from sitting or laying & omg like the bones down there hurt makes me waddle idk if its the lighting crotch i didn’t have it w my first 👀

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