“He Took Off His Shirt A Quarter Of An Hour After Their Son’s Head Crowned. She Had Encouraged The Skin To Skin Of This New Life And His Dad. He Craw...

He took off his shirt – Skin To Skin With Your Newborn

He Took Off His Shirt - Skin To Skin With Your Newborn - Pregnancy - 2023

💕 “He took off his shirt a quarter of an hour after their son’s head crowned.

She had encouraged the skin to skin of this new life and his dad.

He crawled next to his exhausted and radiant wife and squeezed himself against the bed rail.

She placed their son on his chest and then nuzzled her chin into his shoulder.

They laid here in this nest they built together. A haven.” .

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  1. El momento más importantes, que además no es tan fácil… Que importante que papá esté ahí, para poner el pecho también, 👏👏👏, por más papis así

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