Hard Core Prenatal Cardio

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  1. I love your videos so much! But I'm bummed that ads come on in the middle now. I'd much rather watch a couple at the beginning of the workout rather than be interrupted mid-interval.

  2. I’m in my first trimester with my 4th and I gave up on working out after my 3rd baby. Now I’m getting back into the groove. This was the hardest workout so far! I love sweating during a workout! I’m so out of shape though and wanted to do your 12 week plan but didn’t have the $. I’m thankful for all the free workouts you provide! 💕

  3. I wish I was so motivated! I am almost 26 weeks pregnant and can barely walk bcs of my back. I anymore look in the mirror and want to crawl back to bed bcs my arms and legs got so big I hate myself anymore. I know it will go away but i have to do something i am just so depressed anymore

  4. I printed out the free prenatal program you provide and I'm on day 3 of week 8 and I couldn't find "1st trimester hard core mommy " I was wandering if you had a specific one for that or if this is the one . Thanks in advance ..

    Ps , you're great I really appreciate how you talk through and motivate your viewers throughout your video !

    Also do you have a video designated for 30 mins of steady pace cardio ?

  5. I am 19 weeks pregnant and I just started your prenatal program today! I wish that I would have found you sooner! 🤦🏾‍♀️Your workouts are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you! I will be doing the postnatal program after I have my baby too!

  6. I too want to thank you for helping me get in workouts throughout my pregnancy! I'm 35.5 weeks along! I am also a personal trainer (and an Army wife..we have lots in common!) but was not sure what all was possible/approved in prenatal workouts. You've helped me learn a lot and I will be pursuing a certification in pre/postnatal fitness soon! 🙂

  7. How many time in a week do i need to do this to have the best results (i'm 21 weeks and i have no restriction) Will it help me to lose fat from my thighs ? (Sorry for my english i'm french)

  8. I have started working out with you at about week 12 (now 23), I just love your videos, they are so cute and keep my spirit up even when tired and it is hard! I could not exercise for about half a year beforehand because of a surgery, felt really week and it was difficult to get back to doing regular workouts but I wanted to get strong again before my belly gives me a hard time and baby comes. Thanks so much, everybody compliments how fit I look and I feel great!

  9. I'm not pregnant but I choose to do pregnancy workouts because I have had 4 spine surgeries and I have found them all to be easier on the spine. My doctor said that they are great for me and to keep doing them. I love them!

  10. I love the workout, but I have a concern with the fact that you don't do any warm up or cool downs for any of these prenatal workouts. As much as the workouts are important to a healthy pregnancy, the warm ups and cool downs are just as important to maintaining a healthy and safe fitness routine. Unless you have a cool down series I am missing!? I do both myself before and after, but it would be awesome if you had included them.

  11. I have worked out with you since I was about 19 weeks. Now at 37 (almost 38) weeks I have to express my gratitude for you and these awesome videos. These have been a life saver! I was very active before the pregnancy and was nervous about continuing some of my workouts into my second trimester. You kept me sweaty and motivated all the way! I do 2-3 videos almost daily and I think I have a few of them completely memorized (and my husband probably does too!!) Thank you! These are really amazing!

  12. I enjoyed the workout (I'm 32 weeks) but my knees are killing me afterward. 🙁 Ladies, please be careful of your knees. Maybe I was doing it incorrectly? I'm in pretty good shape – still going to the gym and working out at home, but somehow those moves caused a lot of pain.

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