Growth Spurts! Super Relatable As I Navigate The 4 Month Regression

Growth spurts! May Be Super relatable as You navigate the 4 month regression

Growth Spurts! May Be Super Relatable As You Navigate The 4 Month Regression - Parenting - 2023

Growth spurts! Super relatable artwork froim @inna_s_art on Instagram for those soon to navigate the 4-month regression 不

Originally posted 2021-01-01 11:39:18.


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  1. At 7.5 months my son starting crying constantly and then one day he was sitting from a laying down position, crawling, pulling himself up to standing, walking holding his play fence, saying Mama and 2 teeth (his first ones) popped through too. It literally happened all in the same day and freaked me out haha.

  2. I am not going to lie, it carries on like this for a while. My 2 year old has just been through a major one and it is exactly the same. Two months of constant crying, frustration, early wakes and suddenly she is waking at 7am, talking sentences, understanding empathy. It really is incredible!

  3. Yup, just settled my 12 m/o back into bed for the 7th time in 2 hours. We were able to sleep train her a few weeks ago and were doing well. It is a phase, this too shall pass. I’m willing to break the “rules” for a few nights to help her through it.

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