Growth spurts! May Be Super relatable as You navigate the 4 month regression

Growth Spurts! May Be Super Relatable As You Navigate The 4 Month Regression - Parenting - 2021

Growth spurts! Super relatable artwork froim @inna_s_art on Instagram for those soon to navigate the 4-month regression 不

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  1. At 7.5 months my son starting crying constantly and then one day he was sitting from a laying down position, crawling, pulling himself up to standing, walking holding his play fence, saying Mama and 2 teeth (his first ones) popped through too. It literally happened all in the same day and freaked me out haha.

  2. Yup, just settled my 12 m/o back into bed for the 7th time in 2 hours. We were able to sleep train her a few weeks ago and were doing well. It is a phase, this too shall pass. I’m willing to break the “rules” for a few nights to help her through it.

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