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Beyond The Bump

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  • 9 months, 2 weeks ago

3 years old

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    Beyond The Bump - 2023RenataL

    As I see it, many face the problem of not recognizing a child at age three. Yesterday he cried that we ran a green light and he wanted to run a red light. I’m confused. Will it go away?

    Beyond The Bump - 2023Claire

    Hey 😊

    It’s a good question and it will get easier.
    At 3, your little ones logical connections (for want of a better term) are still forming.

    The linkage between right and wrong and everyday objects/scenarios are still being learned.

    I remember both of mine had some serious tantrums over really random stuff at that age. It will get better as they continue to learn and begin to connect the dots.

    Claire 🤗

    Beyond The Bump - 2023Claire

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