I think my husband is ready to be a dad

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  • I think my husband is ready to be a dad

  • Baby Bumps - 2021


    November 7, 2021 at 8:29 am

    A funny little side story for you ladies. I’m 27 weeks for reference 🙂

    Some background, We had multiple sets of friends ask us to watch their pet this weekend. This led us to have 4 dogs in our house at once.

    Last night, I went to bed first because.. uhhh… Pregnant and tired. At around 1 am I wake up and my husband isn’t in bed. All the lights are off, doors are locked, dogs are asleep, and I’m calling for him with no response.

    I’m starting to panic because the cars are in the driveway, and I’m thinking he’s been kidnapped or something. Finally, I go out back to the porch to find my husband sleeping with 3 jackets on… Burritoed in a blanket with the cat on him.

    I wake him up saying, “baby, what are you doing? It’s 40 degrees outside!”

    He sits up and goes, “the cat wouldn’t come inside because he was scared of the dogs. So I wanted to keep him company out here.”

    Yall, I think he’s ready to be a dad LMAO!

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