Goose Bumps  Congrats Mama!  ...

Goose bumps Congrats mama!

Goose Bumps Congrats Mama! - Pregnancy - 2024

Goose bumps 😭❤️ Congrats mama! 📷@kara_burnett_


Originally posted 2021-01-05 00:18:24.


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  1. Brings me back! Thanks for sharing. It took another job, a lost 🙏 and a year to conceive my (soon) to be baby girl! (29 weeks). I’m praying for the all the ladies out there. You will get your time! Just believe in yourself! Find support and keep trying! It’s hard, but it will happen

  2. This was me also, a year ago I remember, and now I have my sweet baby girl 💕 and can’t wait for the next one. Worth the wait.

  3. Congratulations to her. It took us over two years to finally conceive. Every woman’s journey to their positive test is different and that two week wait is a killer each time.

  4. This gave me tears and chills. To all of the mamas – hang in there, relax and stay positive! After 4 miscarriages we got our beautiful daughter. I actually relaxed and went to acupuncture having the acupuncturist target my hormones and my uterus. Don’t give up hope! 💗

  5. I remember this feeling with my ex we ended up breaking up. I met my boyfriend and got pregnant the first time! So happy for her!

  6. Never give up ladies! Don’t allow any doctor tell you, that you can’t or you have a low percentage of getting pregnant. Believe in Yourself & the magic of your body and get your mindset right! I speak from experience, I’m 43 and pregnant 🤰🏽 with my first baby! I had an AMH level of 0.02 and 2 follicles! Keep believing and block all negativity. Sending out positive vibes to all women trying to conceive 🙏🏽

  7. I love this post!!! This was 1000% what I went through and the pure joy of finally getting that positive test is like nothing else!
    What a beautiful moment to capture. ❤️

  8. This was us for almost 6 years exactly! Now we have our sweet little Abel and he was worth every second of the wait and every tear cried. He is perfect and he came at the perfect time too 💚 keep trying future mamas. Your baby will come and the trial will be a long gone memory and they will be worth everything ❤️

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