Glowbodypt 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan Journey - Postpartum - 2023
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GlowBodyPT 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan Journey

Ashley’s Post Pregnancy Plan:

Real life with Ashley Keller from Glow Body PT. Publicly unveiling her personal journey on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan. Don’t try to wing your postpartum fitness and *hope* you’ll get a flat stomach again. Ashley will teach and show you everything you need to know to get PROVEN results!

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  1. Hey Ashley, I followed your prenatal plan and LOVED it and you as a trainer and person, so I purchased your 12 week post pregnancy plan. I am working on week 3. My baby is 16 mos old. My question is I will be turning 40 in October 2020, do you have any weight loss videos for older women or do your videos focus mainly on 20s and 30s-year-olds? I can tell it is not as easy as it used to be and my body doesnt react as fast as is once did to exercise. Thanks Ash for all you do for women.

  2. Hi,
    I have lost all my pregnancy fat except my hanging belly it's 3 years of my C-section.
    I'm seen a lot of videos and got confused about excersise I really don't know how and what do I start.
    Please help me out actually which excersise should I do.
    Hanging belly is problem to me. Rest of my body is perfect to me. Please let me know

  3. I found your workout plan at 27 weeks and have been following it the last two weeks and already feel 10000 times better!! I love your workouts and your videos. Definitely looking into how to best follow you for a post plan! Thank you!!

  4. I am currently 26 weeks and due in September. I just happened to find your channel early on in my second trimester and LOVE IT!! I hope my energy keeps up here in the third trimester. Thinking about doing the postpartum plan as well. 🙂

  5. Awww my heart broke for that deployment so soon into baby #2!!! You rock! Mentally, emotionally, physically strong! More than anything your energy is something I aspire for! Do you owe that mostly to nutrition or exercise or really just both?

  6. We welcomed baby earlier than expected. I used your prenatal workout plan the entire pregnancy and order the postpartum one! Looking forward to working out again after resting hard 🙂

  7. 🤗Hi there Ashley! I really enjoyed your workouts during my pregnancy. Now that I had my baby boy I wanted to ask if you made any postpartum weight loss videos I can follow? Thanks so much! 💕

  8. I think it's my pregnancy hormones but I cried during your video. My husband is deploying a month after the baby is due and I'm nervous about doing it all alone. BUT watching this video makes me feel better and more confident in doing this for our family.

  9. Hello Ashely, I am a mother of a 4 yrs old.  This year I was pregnant but unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 10 wks and had my D&C on March 31st. My doctor gave me the ok to exercise. I am currently 45 lbs overweight. Should I do your 12 wk post pregnancy program or your regular 6 week plan?

  10. This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I just found you on youtube a couple of weeks ago and I love your workouts. I'm 20 weeks now with my second baby and your workouts are totally doable… not toooo easy, but actually challenging (yet safe) for a pregnant but fit person. I am an athlete by nature but was having trouble finding prenatal workouts that were more my level as I still wanted to feel the burn and have the muscle tone, but of course, be safe about it. These are perfect. Thank you and please keep put the awesome work!!!

  11. I don't know if I am hormonal or what, but I am totally crying right now! It is the hardest thing ever, being a mommy. But it is worth all the pain, sleepless nights, and everything else that goes along with it. I am excited to welcome our baby girl in 4 weeks, and seeing what new adventures await our family. I am so impressed with your! You are a true inspiration for all mommies!

  12. you are my inspiration for my third pregnancy!! i follow your work outs BUT i'm now 22 weeks pregnant and i do one time a week yoga and foam rolling. and one time a week i run 5-6 km. what is your advice till the end of my pregnancy….. keep up the great YouTube channel

  13. You look great! So inspiring! Loving your workouts! I do them 4 times a week along with barre and pilates. I'm due to with my little girl in July so I'm super excited for your 12 week plan!! Thank you again for the prenatal workouts!

  14. Hi. You look awesome. Im 34 weeks pregnant and have gained so much and am scared of what will happen the next six weeks. How much kg did you gain total during your pregnancy? Greetings from Germany

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