Fussy Baby
Fussy baby? Welcome to the witching hour!

Fussy Baby – Introducing The Witching Hour

Fussy Baby
Fussy Baby? Welcome To The Witching Hour!

Do y’all know what the witching hour is? 🤪⁣⁠
If you have a newborn, you probably do, but maybe you didn’t know there was a name for it!⁣⁠
The witching hour is a fussy period that almost all babies go through. It tends to happen around the same time every day and most frequently occurs in the late afternoon and evening hours (6 pm- 12 am).⁣⁠
It usually begins between weeks 2 and 3 and peaks around week 6, then declines around the 3-month mark.⁣⁠
During this time, the baby might be a little fussier than normal and difficult to soothe. If you are nursing, the baby might want to cluster feed or might not want to nurse at all. He/she may seem tired, but doesn’t want to sleep! 😐⁣⁠
Often it seems like the baby doesn’t know what he or she wants!
While this behaviour can be challenging to manage for many parents, it is important to remember that it is normal, and it’s temporary!!⁣⁠
Some tips for the witching hour:⁣⁠
✅ Try the 5 S’s – swaddle, shush, suck, hold on their side/stomach, and swing⁣⁠
✅ Change up the scenery, you can even go outside!⁣⁠
✅ Use sensory deprivation by going into a dark room. Overstimulation is SERIOUSLY a thing with newborns⁣⁠
✅ Try babywearing with a soft, wrap-style carrier⁣⁠
✅ Add motion by walking, using a swing, rocking, or bouncing on a yoga ball⁣⁠
✅ Comfort feed if you’re a nursing mama; cluster feeding and the witching hour are sometimes synonymous⁣⁠
✅ Burp baby or try to relieve gas⁣⁠
✅ Try a calming bath⁣⁠
✅ Switch off with your partner ⁣⁠
✅ Step away if you need to 👇⁣⁠
If the baby is fed and dry, you can place them in a safe place (on their back, in their crib) and walk away for a few minutes to recollect yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup!⁣⁠
If you experienced this, give a tip below for another mama who may be going through it right now! ❤

Originally posted 2021-04-30 11:42:20.


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  1. My 2 week old is doing this right now. Combined with nighttime gas and her witching hour window (between 1AM and 4AM) its been a struggle.

  2. -If your partner is home take turns!
    -Sing songs until you find baby’s favorite.
    -I have a baby Brezza instant warmer now and it would have been beneficial when we were going through this daily for when baby only wants an ounce every hour. Like a baby water cooler lol but at the right temperature so you can meet anticipated needs quicker.

  3. Please don’t lie to nee mums… it doesn’t go away. 4pm-8pm is hell in every household with young kids. Possibly even older kids. Lol

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