Found An Old Pic... (More Context In Comments)

Found an old pic… (more context in comments)

Found An Old Pic... (More Context In Comments) - Parenting - 2024

Found an old pic… (more context in comments)

Originally posted 2021-01-09 00:45:18.


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  1. There are some cute photos and accounts on ig of more typical postpartum bodies – bigger, softer, flabbier, stretch marks, scars. There’s one mom of twins and all of her photos are super cute and she’s rocking her little postpartum twin pooch and stretch marks. Fuck I wish I had links. Couldn’t find it. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

  2. I am in the same place after baby #2. Just about 4 months out and not feeling great about the visual. I have to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t until a year pp that I really got back to pre pregnancy. I maintained for a long time ~10lbs over pre pregnancy. I was only able to lose that last 10lbs in the summer before LO turned 1. I even managed to make it to 5 lbs under pre pregnancy right before I got pregnant with #2.

    The passage of time is weird right now. I constantly have to remind myself that it hasn’t actually been that long. I am breastfeeding and I know from past experience if I don’t eat enough my supply tanks. It is a struggle, and I am trying to remember that maintaining is okay. I can still eat healthy but my goal until I am ready to start weaning should be maintenance.

    One thing that helped me with my first was new clothes. I bought some new clothes for my new temporary size. I could still squeeze into a lot of my pre pregnancy stuff but it was not flattering and the process of putting it on made me feel unattractive. I didn’t go crazy or anything, but I bought several outfits that looked good, took advantage of my bigger cleavage, and minimized the poochy tummy. Eventually, those all went into storage, and now with round two I have pulled them out again.

  3. It can be really really hard to come to terms with your postpartum body. I think it’s taken me a solid 8 months to be okay with myself. Not that I’m fully…okay with it, but I’ve made my peace if that makes sense? I know it’s difficult, but you just gotta give yourself time. It took 9 months to make your baby, and it will take some time to feel like ‘you’ again. Whatever that will mean to you. You’re doing a lot right now, and doing activities right now just has that added layer of hard because of baby. It’s not just go for a walk right? It’s get the baby sorted, get you sorted and then walk. I definitely used to be much more active pre baby because it was easier! It’s gonna be okay. One day your gonna feel like yourself again, and be at peace with what you see in the mirror and how you perceive yourself. I know the process can be very hard, but don’t get too caught up in it ok? Your body’s done incredible thing having a baby, and emotionally there’s a lot going on right now! You’ve got this, and it’ll be okay

  4. I think you look great, really. It took me about a year and a half to sort of feel like myself again. I’ve lost the weight but my body is still different and that’s ok. I know it’s so much easier said than done but be gentle with yourself you’re a badass and your body made a whole human being. I’m proud of what my body is capable of and that helps me when I feel any sort of way. You got this!

  5. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I say “why do I still have a little pooch? oh yeah! I had a baby!” You had a baby! That is AMAZING and yeah, your body is always going to be a little different. Maybe when it’s been some more time (4 months PP is NOTHING), you’ll be able to get into a routine and your body will look more like it used to – but maybe not! Your body exists for so many other reasons than to look a certain way. It MADE your baby and now it lifts your baby and sings to your baby and dances with your baby. You can love the amazing things your body does even if it’s not the “bounce back” that so many models on IG seem to have.

  6. I completely stopped looking at old progress pics of myself from pre-baby times. I think that helped me a lot. Your body just went through an enormous change and it’s just not fair to yourself to make this comparison. The person in the before photo didn’t have another human life to care for every day.

    Edit to say I have actually gained weight since giving birth lol so not everyone (far from it) has amazing PP progress shots!!

  7. We have the exact same body and I am 7 months pp. I am still about 20 pounds up and working on it. Our bodies grew another person for almost a year, don’t be so hard on yourself for the weight not falling off instantly. (Also I think when women post progress pics of them completely back to normal at 2 months pp it is just to show off because that isn’t the norm.)

  8. Stumbled across an old ‘progress pic’ from when I was feeling pretty good about 6 months pre-pregnancy. Help me process these emotions because I’ve been trying but 4 months PP and I can’t seem to achieve much. Part of me also wanted to share this because I see a lot more PP progress shots that don’t seem to match my reality and it makes me feel worse. I don’t even know if this is the right place so I’m sorry if it’s not.

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