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  • AngryArtichokeGirl

    October 14, 2021 at 6:15 am

    Pick a day & time to do a “you” thing sans children then stick to it has worked for me.

    Monday nights after the youngest two are in bed, so around 8pm, are mine. It started as a hour video chat with my BFF (900 miles away) but since we both SAHM and schedules are weird the chat gets moved around more often than not. Sometimes that means I go to bed at 8:30 and catch up on sleep, sometimes that means I stay up until 3am binging TV and doing hobbies, occasionally I even leave the house for a while.

    That specific time, regardless of what is scheduled or how I choose to spend it, is still mine.

    I am not available to do jack shit unless it’s *my idea and I want to do it*.

    Hubby knows that unless he or one of the offspring is currently – *literally* – having an actual stroke, on fire, or there’s a sudden traumatic injury with visible protruding bone or a 1500mL+ and growing pool of blood (why, yes-! he *can* accurately identify that specific amount or greater of bodily fluid loss. Long story. Lol) *I am NOT available to fix it*