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  • Electraluxx

    October 13, 2021 at 8:07 pm

    My landlord did something similar to this before my husband and I signed another lease. He came over to do the inspection and I was pregnant with my second and he made me feel so uncomfortable. I refused to be involved with any meetings after that. He made comments to me about the house not being perfectly clean, and to make things worse my water got accidentally shut off that day lol. I was pregnant, had HG and I was working 80hr work weeks… Of course I forgot to pay the damn water and didn’t have time to clean. Meanwhile he literally had his rent constantly early/on time, you’re being paid idk why you care.

    After that my husband handled all the interactions, and when we had another inspection during covid I took my 8yo and newborn and left the house completely so he and my husband could be alone… The house was deep cleaned SPOTLESS. The landlord made a comment about me not being there. It was super creepy. Shortly after that we purchased our own house and moved out in a rush over one weekend. The landlord was mad I didn’t deep clean the house and I was already heavily pregnant with our third lol. I was like dude you’re already taking our 2500 security deposit because we are terminating early, just hire someone to clean I have enough on my plate.

    Fuck landlords. So glad we are home owners now.