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  • cageygrading

    November 2, 2021 at 4:34 am

    I was induced! Like you, I didn’t have any plans for induction but it was based on my doctor’s recommendation – she didn’t want me going too far past my due date, and she said if I wait I might not be able to get one scheduled, so I went ahead and let her schedule it. It was not my plan at all and did rattle me a bit when she said it, but I turned to Reddit too and found many stories of induction that were totally fine.

    I was induced on the night of my due date, baby was born the following evening. I wasn’t dilated really at all, but baby was nice and low and ready. The induction process itself was unpleasant, but other than that it went smoothly and I have a healthy, happy 1-year-old 🙂

    Don’t feel bad or guilty at all, and don’t let anyone put that on you. I think that following your doctor’s recommendation (as long as you trust your doctor which I hope you do!) is the way to go.