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  • theblutree

    November 2, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    We’re invited to an out of state wedding that is not allowing kids at the reception. We don’t know anyone there to watch our child- and I refuse to let a stranger do it. So. I will not be attending and will stay home with our kid. We did call and explain before they got our RSVP. Got the feeling they didn’t understand, but the safety of our kid comes first.

    They want a childfree wedding, I respect that. They shouldn’t have to compromise on their big day. But, that doesn’t mean every guest will be able to accommodate them.

    This is just the reality when you have kids or live far from family or both!

    ETA: I am staying home because my husband is closer to the couple. In your case, if you’re not EBF, I’d expect your husband to stay home.