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  • AtoZ15

    July 31, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    My babe was born at 40+1 but needed to be in the NICU/on oxygen because he aspirated a lot of fluid during birth. We were “only” in the NICU for several days as he weaned from CPAP –> high flow –> low flow. He went home on low flow and were told that he could probably be off of it as soon as he got back to birth weight.

    He was at birth weight a week later and we did a room air test at the pediatrician’s. He passed with flying colors, sat-ing at 98% the whole time! However, we happened to have a lactation consult at the pediatrician’s the next day, and as standard routine they checked his vitals. He kept dipping into the low 70’s 🙁

    So back onto the oxygen we went. The reason we were given was that his lungs just needed more time to develop and recover from the fluid. Ultimately he was on oxygen for three weeks before he passed room air test and a 24 hour follow up.

    He’s 12 weeks old now and is always 97-99% at check ups! Really great considering we live at a high altitude.

    Good luck to you and your bebe!