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Forums Forums Group Forums Beyond The Bump Is anybody onto their second pandemic baby? Reply To: Is anybody onto their second pandemic baby?

  • BrumPinay

    October 22, 2021 at 1:45 am

    My son was 6 months when the pandemic started then just two months ago I had another girl. When I learned I was pregnant with her I cried and scared coz of covid. ( well I Indeed got covid when I was 30weeks pregnant and luckily to have mild case)

    Antenatal care was quite different this time. My husband was not allowed to attend with me (ultrasound, antenatal check ups) especially on first quarter of this year. In attending appointments to women’s hospital, He has to provide negative lft test to be able to be with me. Only your birthing partner is allowed to be with you during labour and in the ward which has limited of 3 hours a day. I was put on HDU ward so luckily my husband was allowed to be with througout the night and day. They are supposed to do covid test on both of us too during my labour but since we had covid not longer than 90 days we got spared.

    Post natal care -wise, before I used to attend my appointments with my midwife to community clinics but now was changed to home appointment. Health visitor only visited once since I was discharged by midwife then handed over to health visitor team. . Even my two year old son was not seem by them and had only had telephone assessment on his 1st and 2nd year. (which is quite dangerous for vulnerable children- how could they spot anh signs of abuae when parents could simply just lie to the health visitors).