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  • EchoEmpire

    October 23, 2021 at 5:28 am

    My worst baby brain was probably when I was around 7 months pregnant. I had GD so weekly appts and ultrasounds. Usually my husband would come with me but for this appt he had to work. It was winter. I go get into my car and start it up. There’s some frost on the windshield. I try to use the washer fluid but it’s not melting easily so I get out of my running car to scrap the ice off. Well cuz I’m getting outta my car I have to lock it right? So I hit the lock button on the door and close it and go to my trunk to get the ice scraper. That’s when I realized my fuck up. I was locked out.

    Since my car was running i didn’t have my house key either and because i was getting ready to leave I put my phone in the center console so I didn’t have my phone either to call my husband for help. I actually went to the gas station next to our house and used their phone to call the hospital first (I memorized the number cuz for whatever reason I can remember numbers like nobodies business. Its my sometimes useless skill) and tell them I couldn’t make the appt and call my husband to come unlock everything for me. He worked an hour away from where we lived so (small Midwest town) i went and hung out at the bar across the street from my house until my savior came. I was laughed at mercilessly.