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Forums Forums Group Forums Breaking Moms I will never be able to afford a house Reply To: I will never be able to afford a house

  • framellasky

    October 19, 2021 at 7:58 pm

    I moved from germany to Switzerland for my husband (he is swiss), I had a beautiful house in germany. Here houses are non affordable. One million for a decent one min. And you need to have 20% of the price in money. I’m so sad that my child will have to grow up in an apartment without a own garden. I grew up in a nice house together with my grandparents and parents and a huge lovely garden. Miss that so much to just sit in my garden on a sunny day or to plant something who looks nice e or something useful to eat. I hate that I will never have the kitchen of my dreams or that I think about something like painting a wall if it’s worth the work because maybe we have to move out and need to change it back. I know I’m still privileged, but damn I dreamed for a house and apartments sucks.