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  • Substantial-Monk-296

    October 23, 2021 at 10:58 am

    This is a new blanket recommendation from the AAP that IMO doesn’t make sense for everyone. It sounds like you are supplementing plenty for yourself. Personally I don’t supplement anything anymore unless indicated, i.e. you got your Vitamin D tested and you were low. Vitamin D is a hormone and there is some thought by nutrition practitioners that excessive supplementation of it can actually be pretty detrimental. Too much vitamin D can interfere with calcium, magnesium, and copper levels. Nutrition is so complex and so little is really known, especially by the average provider, about how nutrients and hormones all work together in concert and whether supplementation is actually helpful versus proper nutrition/lifestyle is still really up in the air. You’re not getting your breastmilk tested, so who knows what’s in it. And who knows what the actual D needs are for breastfed babies? It truly is just a guess.

    If you are eating nutritious food and taking care of yourself, managing stress, and getting some sunshine, I really think you are okay to relax a bit. Your body and your baby are wise. Unless you’re having serious nutritional deficiencies, i think you can have some confidence in the nutrition content of your milk. I think it’s okay not to supplement.

    I got a lot of different recommendations in pregnancy for supplements (blanket recommendations like magnesium, iron, and 10000iu D) and I personally think they made me sick. I am super healthy and I eat very well. I include a lot of fish and liver as well. I just don’t think I really needed that much. And now with my baby, I got the same recommendation for the D drops. I have given her some here and there but haven’t really stressed out about it. I have two older kids who were babies before these recs came out and they are healthy as hell, never get sick, and have strong teeth and bones. Do not worry!