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  • [deleted]

    October 23, 2021 at 11:51 am

    I honestly stopped doing the vitamin D drops I tried several diff brands I tried the kind where it’s just a drop and another where it is a liquid form i tried mixing with her milk putting it on my nipple putting it on my finger or directly on her tongue all of them tore my babies tummy up she would projectile vomit have the runs and be really cranky I just stopped giving it to her and at the appts they always ask once I said no when I first did told them my concerns their only advice was keep trying diff brands after that I asked them again told them I had stopped and the only advice was a lecture of the importance of vitamin d drops and why you should supplement with it after that I just lied and said yes she’s getting it she’s been okay ever since and so far everything has checked out

    Edit to say I continued taking a prenatal vitamin (and still do) and it has vitamin D in it so since she is breastfeeding she might of been getting it that way