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  • prettypenny26

    October 24, 2021 at 11:02 am

    Those people are nuts. I have a long time friend that has always been consumed by different MLM schemes and goes from one to the next. A decade later and guess what… she’s not rich or successful or anything other than another mom with a scary social media addiction. All this “free time” her “job” gives her looks like hours of wasted social media editing to me 🤮 I’d rather do anything else. I muted her long ago, best thing I’ve done.

    The really creepy part is that she was staying with us once and had printed out a bunch of stuff on our printer and forgot a few pages in there. It was a literal SCRIPT of all this bizarro shit these companies tell you to say and post. It was like reading cult literature. It had blank pages and said to write down “names of everyone you know, their interests and phone numbers” so you could create a tailored script to pitch to them 😵😵 It’s all completely fake, nothing authentic about this shit. I hate MLMs with a passion. They wouldn’t have to pedal them so hard if they were even a tiny bit successful, but the many documentaries out there now will show that they’re NOOOTTT. It’s embarrassing. They’re desperate for self validation and develop a complex from the jargon these companies shove down their throats. It’s sad and they’re the same type of people that WOULD get sucked into a cult.