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  • alphinaudsboots

    October 20, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    If it really takes him 30 minutes to wake up or else he is dizzy and disoriented, he needs to see a doctor. A healthy adult should not take that long. It’s nice to have a full half hour to luxuriate in bed, doze off again, browse Reddit or whatever, but when you have an infant and a partner with actual medical issues, you need to get out of bed faster. Both my husband and I have become insta-wakers ever since we had a kid.

    ETA I read again and now I’m MAD. YOU have to wake up with the baby first before he gets up when it’s your turn to sleep in? Fuck that! That’s not sleeping in. That’s waking up and then maybe being able to take a little nap later, which you can’t even do because your partner’s laziness means the baby is inconsolable. Your partner is rude and needs to grow up and take fair share responsibility for his child. Boo hoo, I sleepy 🙁 fucking get over it