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Forums Forums Group Forums Beyond The Bump 3 yr old hates the new baby and me ! Reply To: 3 yr old hates the new baby and me !

  • Aidlin87

    October 23, 2021 at 7:31 am

    We did a few things before baby came, or when my 2.5yo (at the time) met him in the hospital to prevent this. Obviously it’s too late for that kind of thing. But one thing that I did that was ongoing is I praised my older child for being a good big brother. Whether he was or not. So anytime he did anything good regarding the baby, even the tiniest thing, I told him what a good big brother he was. I would mention it at random times too. Like we’d be snuggling and I’d tell him he’s such a good big brother and I’m proud of him. This helped a lot.

    Otherwise, this will end eventually. You do gentle parenting, and that method talks about setting and enforcing boundaries. Maybe assess ways you can improve on the boundary setting/enforcing. This is an area for me that I constantly need to improve and be mindful of.

    Another thing to try is discussing expectations/rules at bedtime and in the morning. This helps my strong willed 4yo on a number of issues.

    I feel you though, that strong willed 4yo of mine has put me through the ringer and to tears many times. Being mom is hard!