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Forums Forums Group Forums Beyond The Bump 3 yr old hates the new baby and me ! Reply To: 3 yr old hates the new baby and me !

  • comidamonster33

    October 23, 2021 at 10:45 am

    We tried to prep with lots of books on how his life was going to change and what he was going to see. Seeing her was a party of the family in an active roll helped a ton.

    “Can you bring me a diaper?” “Do you want to throw this away?” “You’re such a good helper!”

    Talking it kid to baby helps too. “I’m going to put you down now, it’s brothers turn for a snuggle”

    That helped a bit.

    This transition for us was one of the most incredibly difficult things in our lives. We just shut down from Covid. We got Park time cancelled. Playing with friends cancelled. Seeing grandparents cancelled. Then mommy got “taken away” by a baby. And we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. It. Was. Miserable. – Solidarity.

    We walked on eggshells for a long time, but he grew out of it.

    We have a lot of choices, too. Either you can eat dinner with us or go to bed now. Just make sure that whatever you provide as a choice, you follow through.

    We were lucky that he never took it out on baby. I think that might be because we would talk to my oldest about how much his little brother loved him. Like with the newborn hand holding reflex. “Look! He’s holding your hand! He lives you so much. You’re such a good brother!” He farts on him “oh my goodness. Did he just toot! That was crazy!” And have a good laugh. “He loves looking at you because you’re so sweet” early newborn smile “he’s so happy with you! Look at that little smile”