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  • must-love-dogs4

    October 21, 2021 at 9:17 pm

    I can relate to your feelings of being unsure. For me I think it’s become a coping mechanism where I sometimes think “maybe I don’t even want kids” so if it turns out I CANT have kids, I’m not as hurt.

    It’s a weak attempt to protect myself and I recognize that.

    However, what has helped me, is to imagine my life in both scenarios (with and without). Building positives and negatives in my mind for both potential outcomes, and being at peace/okay with either.

    It’s two different lifestyles, there is no denying that.

    It may help you to try this approach of thinking through both and recognizing things like: you may miss out on the cuddly baby years, but you’ll also get to skip trying to pay for college… or you may not get to travel the world in your 30s as a new mom BUT you could do that when the kids are older etc.

    No ones life is perfect and no ones life is predictable. We can’t plan everything but having a few perceived paths before me,has been helpful to me. Good luck!