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  • smmysyms

    October 22, 2021 at 1:37 am

    The apps just guess ovulation based off averages. There’s not really harm in trying but I wouldn’t follow the app above testing. I seem to ovulate before the average (I’m new to testing too). I would follow the instructions based off the tests you’re using. Mine requires 10 tests a cycle. I got a high on the 4th and 5th tests (CD 9 & 10) and I’m still waiting for peak. We try pretty much everyday because my husband has no known sperm issues. We make sure we try on high and peak days. I’m also temping so hopefully I’ll know when ovulation occurred (OPKs won’t tell you this. They just test LH and maybe estrogen). The temping and OPK resources on the menu for this thread were very helpful to me.