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  • SoFarFrom_YourWeapon

    October 20, 2021 at 9:06 pm

    Nope fuck him. Anytime I see a story where a partner says a sahm “does nothing” I see red. It brings me back to the all nighters I I pulled and then dragging myself and an irritated baby who wanted to BF constantly and a toddler who didnt sleep enough out of bed to get two older kids up and ready to drive to school. Only to hear my husband from behind me yawn and say *wOw I’m SoO tIReD*.

    He is lucky his balls are still intact after the amount of times I kicked them in my mind.

    Life with young kids is rough OP. They say it takes a village but even as long as you have 2 working together it’s a weight off. When it’s just one of you? It’s harsh. He needs to have a walk in your shoes to see and then step up or gtfo.