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  • RCRMoon

    October 20, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Red flag city. 🚩 NEVER stop standing up for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a home looking lived in. Tbf, spotless houses both impress and freak me out. I get worried I might mess up something I didn’t know was important, than think how would a kid handle this? Would they get upset if the accidentally make a mess? Yeah, lived in and clean works better than spotless.

    As for the weekend: Think it over carefully. Would it be petty? Not really, but he will think so because he needs your car, and you used it. Would you regret it if he called it off? Do you have a plan if he did? Honestly, forget how he would feel right now. Think about how you will, and what you will/can do.