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Forums Forums Group Forums Baby Bumps I just want to brush my teeth and not feel sick Reply To: I just want to brush my teeth and not feel sick

  • mmglitterbed

    October 24, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Oh man this sucks. I went through this with my last pregnancy, and really tried to find a way around it with this one.

    Last time, I could do it if I had the softest toothbrush possible, and used toddler toothpaste. It was fruity, and I just used a little bit. The toothbrush felt like a stiff makeup brush almost.

    Also, if you can take B6, that dramatically helped with the nausea. I gag with pills, but I found a liquid I can take mixed with water. In my last pregnancy, I didn’t brush my teeth for almost 4 months (I scraped them with a napkin when possible), and right now I’m 10 weeks and I’ve brushed and flossed so many times. I’m in teeth heaven.

    I hope these might help!