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  • accountforbabystuff

    October 24, 2021 at 2:23 am

    And the fun thing is when baby does start to want you it’s gonna be “somethings wrong you need to socialize him more” from the MIL! These clingy/independent stages do seem to be phases, and they come and go, so it’s no guarantee the baby will always be so chill with other people. I think it’s hard to deem that the baby has a “secure attachment” or not by how much they need you or are scared of strangers. Because if/when it changes you might scare yourself into thinking you’re suddenly not as “attached.”

    But it’s super normal for the baby to need you a lot sometimes and not so much other times. If he didn’t respond to *anyone*, didn’t smile, that’s different. If it’s just you then it’s probably that he just takes you for granted. 😂